Miss Stacy (arysani) wrote in vintage_claims,
Miss Stacy

new rules! please read!

Firstly, I'd like to welcome the new co-moderator, tomrwsantherday! Between the two of us, I hope we can update the list monthly like I promised in the userinfo.

Secondly, due to some problems that resulted from my absense, and because I noticed how many people weren't even checking the last updated claims list (which is available thru the userinfo, on the journal page, and in the last "updated claims" post), there are some new rules, located in the userinfo. please re-read these rules (or read them for the first time, which shouldn't happen to those who are already members!) and make sure that all your further claims posts follow protocol. I will not summarize them here, to ensure that you actually go and read them.

Those who posted claims between the last update and this post do not need to repost their claims. However all new claims posts after this post must follow the rules.

Thanks very much, and good luck claiming!
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